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Crash Course #35 Political Idealogy
by Craig is a must view

all I can say is FEEL THE BERN

I liked this one it shows politicians in a true light.

"In the past few years there has been a frantic effort on the part of Planned Parenthood ideologues to revise their own history.
Much of the effort has been waged in an attempt to distance the organization and it's founder, Margaret Sanger, from charges of radical racial bigotry.
Sanger and Planned Parenthood are rooted in eugenics, and have earned a despised place in history along with Adolph Hitler and the German Third Reich."

NEVER TRUMPFor President
NEVER BEFORE in politics, at least in my lifetime, have I ever seen an election like this. Never have I seen the kind of anti-establishment expressed by voters in supporting the Rino (Republican in name only) Donald Trump. He is a very intriguing and fascinating character. He is a "Teflon" man, in that, no matter what he says, and what he does, nothing seems to stick to him. It use to be that candidates, towed the line of professionalism, words like Liar, stupid, and many insults toward another competitor was totally taboo. UNTIL NOW, until Donald Trump,

It is amazing to me, that the more he Yells, screams and throws out insulting and degrading remarks during debates and rallies; his support seems to get stronger. With all this going on, I ask myself, is this the type of man I want as President of the United States. Although I have been a registered Independent most of my life; having voted for my share of Democrats. As you can see from this website, I am very conservative, holding dear America's Traditional values. And as such and no longer can identify with the Democratic Socialist Party. Obama must go, and Hillary should never again see the inside of the White House.

IF YOU STUDY THE MAN TRUMP, and listen to him very carefully you can see from his own words what kind of man he really is. For example when he gets frustrated, he lashes out. He becomes very erratic, and says anything that comes to his mind. He talks over people and degrades them. I can give you dozens of examples, but if you have been following him, you know exactly what I am talking about. So why waste the space?

While Trump is in no way a narcissist, he is egotistical and very self-centered, here his words give him away, "I have built buildings, Trump Towers, Trump Casinos, Trump University, Trump, Trump, Trump and on and on. Every time he gets rattled he brings out the "I" card. What I want to know from him, where he stands morally, what is his moral compass. I know where Rubio stands, as well as Kasich and Cruz. But with Trump I am just not sure.

Listen to Donald Trump and decide for yourself.

IF I WAS A CONSPIRACY THEORIST I would say, that Trump was bought and paid for by the Democratic Party, to infiltrate the Republican party, and should he win, he will become the image of socialism and big government. Furthermore, he is continually bragging about how many democrats are now crossing over, to vote for him. Did you ever consider, that maybe these are voters planted by the Democrats to cast their lot for Trump in order to sink Rubio and Cruz? And that in the General Election these same crossover Supporters of The Donald, will cross him up and vote for Clinton.

Of Course only if I were a Conspiracy Nut.

My conclusion after listening, praying, and consulting. I have decided, that I just cannot trust the man; I believe that he will not stop Federal Funding for Planned Parenthood. That he will fail to make good on his promise of building a wall on the Border. He cannot kill families of Terrorists as he insists he will do. I believe as Mitt Romney recently said: "Donald Trump says he admires Vladimir Putin, while he has called George W. Bush a liar", Romney repeatedly dismissed Trump as a “con man” and highlighted some of Trumps numerous business failures. And finally, this little tidbit: Romney exclaimed "nominating Trump would give Hillary the White House."

I myself like the tell it like it is campaign of Donald Trump; it is attractive, exciting and energetic, but folks it can suck you into his fantasy; that is exactly why, I will not be fooled and that is why Never Trump for President.


by Gregory Nashif | Posted February 15th 2016

WITH THE PASSING of Antonin Scalia, the face of this election has changed. it is now even more imperative, that we Elect a very strong Conservative. If we Elect a Hillary Clinton, or a Bernie Sanders. Our country as we know it will change from the USA to the USSR, The United States Socialist Republic. As the Supreme Court stands now, there are four "Conservative Justices" and four "Liberals. "


by Gregory Nashif | Posted February 14th 2016

THE REPUBLICAN CONTENDERS for President of these United States, got together Saturday night February 13th, in South Carolina. A debate hosted by CBS. And the day before Valentines Day, ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! It was a Replay of the St. Valentines Day Massacre, that happened in 1929. Believe me when I tell you there was no love in that auditorium last night and no valentines were reportedly exchanged. Here are some of the highlights and lowlights, from my perspective on this blood bath.

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The Editors View

Greg Nashif is the creator and editor of The Nashif Report. Which first went online in 2005.

In response to my Never Trump post (March 5th) Stephan Hess writes why he will not vote for trump, even if it means Hillary becomes President..........

I THINK THAT unless whoever wins (the Presidency) humbles themselves before the Lord, this nation will decline and fall,perhaps quicker than anyone might expect. I see the very great possibility that if Hillary does become President, she will be removed before her term is finished.

IN THIS SECULAR society, it is easy for Christians to forget, that our greatest and most powerful service of advocacy is before our Savior. We cast our "votes" through prayers. What national electorate can move the host of God to act? But our prayers do that!!

I WONT BE a party to voting for "pride", "arrogance" and "hypocrisy," when repentance is the order of the day for our nation's deliverance.
Love Without Compromise

By Gregory J Nashif

Love is patient, Love is kind, love is not egotistical, love seeks not its own way and is not easily provoked....."1 Cor 13:1

-As I Sit and watch the nightly news, protesters line the streets of the funeral of a fallen soldier, carrying signs that read "GOD HATES....." I ask myself what purpose does this have in the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ? The answer is simply none.

It is what I call a dispicable display of judgment and condemnation by so-called Christians who take the Gospel and pervert it to heap coals of condemnation on the world.

"For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved..."> John 3:17

With that said what right do we as Christians have to condemn those who do not follow the Word of God? And if Jesus himself said that "He came not to condemn the world", then how can we as mere mortals do that which Christ refuses to do? How quickly we forget the Jesus who said"He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone...?" John 8:2-11)

When I see those protesters carrying those signs that say "God Hates...", I really believe what God truthfully hates are those who represent Him in a heartless and degrading manner.

"Put down those ugly signs you carry and take up the cross of Jesus Christ; represent Him as he would represent Himself, with unfailing love, without judgment.

As a believer in Jesus Christ I know the truth of His word, without compromise. The Bible says that homosexuality and abortion are wrong, and I understand the truth behind those belief's.

As a Christian I can love and be chartible without compromising my faith in what I know to be true,but it still does not give me the right to hurt another human being, just because I believe that what they are doing is outside of God's will.

And finally think about this for a moment, if Jesus were to walk among us today, where would He be?

We would not certainly find him in our churches, now would we? He would be among the people, the poor, the homeless, he would be dining with those who do not know Him. Touching them with the truth of his Word and loving them into His Kingdom.

And that is exactly what we should do as Christ centered people.

In the eyes of God we are no better than anyone else; He loves us all unconditionally. The only difference between the sinner and the saint, is that the saint has simply chosen to accept Jesus Christ and his Word in love without compromise.

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